Série "Oilette"

Petite série de 6 cartes postales allemandes de la collection "Moderne Meister" publiées en novembre 1911 par Raphaël Tuck &Sons, Berlin. Dessin de Em. BACHRACH-BAREE.

S-Oilette-001 S-Oilette-002
left : NAPOLEON UND SEINE OFFIZIERE VOR DER SCHLACHT BEI LEIPZIG  seated at table with three others, lighted candlestick on table, before the battle for leipzig
right : NAPOLEON AUF ST. HELENA  looks out with arms folded, stands between four cannon, two officers to right read map on the way to St. Helena

NAPOLEON NACH DER SCHLACHT BEI WATERLOO  seated facing right beside cooking fire after battle of waterloo

S-Oilette-005 S-Oilette-007(HS)
left : NAPOLEONS ABSCHIED VON FRANKREICH  on ship waving his hat with left hand, two men behind, leaving France
right : NAPOLEON BESCHLLIEBT DEN FELDZUG NACH RUSSLAND  standing with hands behind back in front of table with officer seated with quill, he plans the russian campaign (hors collection)

S-Oilette-006 S-Oilette-004
left :NAPOLEON VOR DER SCHLACHT BEI JENA  lying on floor studying map, general above with hand on chin
right : Lors de la retraite de Russie (hors série)